While access to grid electricity has expanded in Cambodia to 71.5%, reliability of electricity supply can be improved. As nearly as two-thirds of households with access face frequent power shortages.

Some 30 percent of rural households rely on off-grid power for electricity, including solar home systems, solar lanterns and rechargeable batteries. With the current infrastructure challenges in power distribution, renewable energy technology will be more efficient in providing lights to the Cambodians.

Donation under this program will give lights to underprivileged households in Chum Rok Village, Decho Arphivat District, Chhuk Commune, Kampot Province.

Located 150 km away from Phon Penh City, as many as 300 families in this village has been living with limited access to lightings. Mobiya lamps will be able to ease the villagers’ burden and they will get access to clean and no-cost solar lantern.

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